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The following are the terms and conditions of use of Allinnov Research and Development Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) website www.allinnov.org and you shall abide by the same for use.


By using our website, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as follows.

  • The website and its contents in any manner are solely meant for your private use.
  • Copying, reproducing, disclosing to third party or distributing the contents of this website other than those in compliance with our Copyright notice shall not be done.
  • All information provided in the website are property of the Company and the right to make personal and non-commercial use of the same is granted to you by the Company on a non-exclusive, limited license that can be revoked back at any time. Commercial use of the same shall not be made without the written permission of the Company agreed through an agreement with limitations. Use of this website or its contents violating the terms is not permitted.
  • The Company in no event shall be liable for any type of direct losses including but not limited to profits, consequential losses, personal injury, privacy or indirect losses including but not limited to failure to meet duty accomplishments on quoted time, negligence, use or inability to this website, losses due to acts of god or other parties or entities in relation or without relation to the Company that is not under the control of the Company.
  • You agree that you use this website at your sole risk and the company disclaims all warranties, in connection with the services and your use. No guarantees, representations, or warranties is made pertaining to use of the Website to be accurate, fool proof, timely, reliable or continuous. The Company disclaims its liability and reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any or a part of the entire Website without any prior intimation.
  • The Company reserves the right of designing and publishing the website in any manner including but not limited to visually, technically display the contents of the website and its buttons or options to function straight or reversed in any manner to access your search preferences and acceptances to offer you better services and personalized advertisements.
  • Any matter pertaining to the intellectual properties such as copyrights trademarks, patents and other IPs displayed in the Contents of our Website including, but not limited to information, images, text, logos, designs, format, documents, video and links, drawing and written works and all other materials are properties of and owned by the Company and / or third parties in relation to the Company. The company does not grant any express license or right and your use of and/or the Contents and services in the website shall not constitute by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right of use. You are not licensed to use any part of or the whole contents of this website for any commercial purposes. Unless express permission from the Company is obtained no content of the website as such shall be reproduced, distributed, republished, uploaded, displayed, transmitted, posted, broadcasted, licensed and / or altered completely or partly any manner.
  • All discrepancies relating to the terms and conditions and usage of the website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Chennai only and shall be determined in accordance with the laws and enforced rules in India.
  • Any discrepancy relating to these terms shall first be arbitrated before a sole arbitrator. In case both the parties do not agree with the appointed or appointment of a arbitrator within the time as under Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, the competent court shall be sought under the appointment of sole arbitrator. All procedures of arbitration shall be according to the act and rules framed by law and the place of arbitration shall be Chennai, language shall be English and the decision of the arbitrator shall be final.
  • If any part of the formed terms and conditions is found to be and becomes invalid or illegal unenforceable, the corresponding terms shall be deemed to be rejected and the remaining provisions of this Terms shall not be affected by the rejection of the part.
  • The Company may revise this terms and conditions at any time without any intimation to you and the same upon update will be available in the same website under the link “Terms and Conditions”. In-case of any discrepancies or disagreements with the changes made in our privacy policy you are advised to kindly avoid the services of our website, your continuous use after updating the policy shows your agreement and acknowledged to acceptance of the changes made and you will be bound to the same. It is your effort to regularly check the same and remain updated with the changes.
  • If you have any queries related to our terms and conditions or our services kindly contact us at: info@allinnov.org.