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Allinnov is committed to ensure your privacy. Our Privacy Policy contains the detailed information on how Allinnov Research and Development Private Limited and its website (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) collects, secures, discloses and makes use of the information obtained from you when you visit our website and post a query to us or avail our services through which you provide us your personal data electronically or as a document.


By accessing to this website you agree to the following privacy policy of our Company. If you do not agree to the same kindly do not proceed viewing our website.

  • We may require, ask for and collect your personal information such as but not limited to your name, mobile number, email ID including social networking site IDs including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc., address, Postal code for our purpose.
  • Non – Personal information include but not limited to your work location’s name, employer details their email IDs, fellow employee's name and email IDs for which you shall be taking prior permission from the concerned entity or person before disclosing the same to the Company to (but not limited to) display their name / other details of the entity / individual to our website or make calls via mobile phones / telephones or communicate through emails to the concerned person or entity and the company shall not be responsible in case of any discrepancies since it only takes your consideration that prior permission is sought by you before disclosing those details the Company.
  • Personal information submitted to us voluntarily without our request to provide the same like posting your resume or supporting documents for job through our career link are at your own willingness and we do not request the same and the company reserves the right to make use of the same in any manner.
  • We may display any information collected from you with reference to you and your place of work for having used our services in the website including but not limited to your photographs (as a group or as individuals), email ID, name, name of your workplace (during the time of utilizing our service and/or after utilizing the service), testimonies, etc., through which our client service can be improved to prospect clients by reference and a database can be maintained for future activities and communications making prominent client relations.
  • We may use the any of your information provided to us to customize our website according to the need for information sourcing by other clients, however the email ID, mobile number, Complete postal address that you provide may be used as your identification to the Company to make calls on our services, products, email newsletters or any other material as required from time to time and also shall sell, rent or distribute the same to any third party / parties creating a business or for free enabling them to contact you. Your personal and confidential details such as passwords emails, bank accounts etc., shall not be asked by us; in case of any such communications, report to us, for a quick action.
  • We may place cookies on your hard drive when you access to our website which helps us to have a record over your activities in our website which in-turn helps us to understand you better and provide our services and preferences as per your browsing history and settings.
  • You may turn off the cookies in your browser but it might reduce the performance of our website in your device.
  • We take all steps to secure the information provided by you against unauthorized access, but we cannot guarantee the security to prevent from being obtained by (not limited to) unauthorized entry or use of hardware or due to any software breakdown or other factors that may access to any such information of any user at any time.
  • The Company reserves the right to transfer your personal Information to a third party/parties as a result of merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of our assets to a third party/parties.
  • Your generic aggregated information including but not limited to demographic information connected to or not connected to any personal information of yours with other entities or individuals as required by the Company from time to time as a part of our (not limited to) advertisement or affiliation or to the law or litigation. Upon requests from the government, we may also unveil your personal information for national security, law enforcement or other needs as instructed to be needed to be disclosed.
  • The Company may revise this privacy policy at any time without any intimation to you and the same upon update will be available in the same website under the link “Privacy Policy”. In-case of any discrepancies or disagreements with the changes made in our privacy policy you are advised to kindly avoid the services of our website, your continuous use after updating the policy shows your agreement and acknowledgment to acceptance of the changes made and you will be bound to the same. It is your effort to regularly check the same and remain updated with the changes.
  • If you have any queries related to our privacy policy or our services kindly contact us at: