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1918/CHE/2015 - PATENT 1



The Head massaging device consists of a housing that is mounted on a persons head and comprises of stationary major members and movable minor members of which the stationary major members house the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device, the control circuitry, head phones or earphones and the power source. The minor members consist of massaging prongs which are actuated by linear actuators. The massager device uses its inbuilt EEG and heart rate sensors to actively measure the users body parameters to understand whether the user is achieving relaxation or not and changes the massage patterns and massage i

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3651/CHE/2015 - PATENT 2



A combination of permanent magnet and an electromagnetic mechanical helmet lock mechanism is provided that operates automatically keyless in the motorcycles. In particular, present invention relates to securing of the helmets to motorcycles on a lock upon the handlebar bolt region with a custom adjustable angular positioning ability that secures the helmet using a permanent magnet and an electromagnetic mechanical lock mechanism that operates automatically enabling the rider to easily access the invention for a strain free locking and removal of their helmets saving a good time and energy. T

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4070/CHE/2015 - PATENT 3



A door or a window hinge is the device comprises a door / window stopping attachment which is composed with a manually engaging sliding mechanism which when engaged stops the door / window in a set position so that it does not rotate or dislocate from its set position due to wind and like other forces. The door hinge works as a door stopper through an integrated sliding spline shaft provided with a knob for operation to slide along its guide ways through a roller assembly and engage itself to a rotary internal splined knuckle stopping the rotation and locking the door / window in a position th

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4259/CHE/2015 - PATENT 4



The Height Adjustable Rotating Immersion Heater is related to water heaters and more specifically to dip-rod type of water heaters for domestic purposes with multiple facilities and advantages to enable the user to operate the heater with different temperatures as it is needed by which electricity consumption can be reduced to far extent provided with an arrangement to position the heater coil to a depth that is required to be dipped in by maintaining a constant mix of water heat all over the vessel.

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5374/CHE/2015 - PATENT 5



AUTOMATIC TANK FILL CONTROL DEVICE WITH MANUAL OVERRIDE AND PUMP/MOTOR PROTECTION SYSTEM device that completely reduces the user intervention and totally frees the user from keeping watch on the water availability and refilling tasks with an additional provision for protection of the water pumping device from depreciation and early failure. More particularly it relates to complete automatic manual operation enabled water fill controlling device integrated with a pump protection element by reducing the risks like failure of pumps and wastage of huge quantities of water purposes due to overflows

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201641010124 - PATENT 6



The automated personalized shopping cart (APSC), said shopping cart comprising a cart with a wheeled base and basket portion in connection with said wheeled base and a handle apparatus in connection with said wheeled base, having a means for processing product package images, a camera, an internal and virtual internet based communication device, a load sensor and means for displaying pricing information derived from said image processor; wherein said means for obtaining personal information allows a user of the shopping cart to communicate with an integrated unit for completing the shopping.

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201641015626 - PATENT 7



A tooth brush that consists of a provision to load in tooth paste with replaceable cartridges. The habit of brushing differs from person to person based on their practices. Some people brush once a day and some do twice and some do brush after each and every meal. Whenever a user prepares for brushing there is a need to handle our tooth brush and tooth paste separately so that at times when the user is too sleepy in the morning, he slips the paste from the bristles and also accidentally and during travel to other places there comes a need to pick both the items together. During travel sometimes it happens that we forget the paste tube in the place where we brush and get along with only the brush. This invention will be a milestone in solving these issues in brushing. This brush can also be used with the traditional method of applying paste on the bristles and the vice versa.

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201641025279 - PATENT 9



A shoe for providing comfort to feet of a user is provided. The shoe includes: a foldable funnel to receive water; a water reservoir at the bottom of the shoe to store the water received through the foldable funnel; a number of nozzles positioned inside of the shoe to shower the feet of the user from the water; and a pump to draw the water from the reservoir to inside of the shoe through the plurality of nozzles.

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201641024529 - PATENT 8



A handheld device having integrated liquid soap dispenser and body scrub is provided. The device includes a receptacle to store a volume of liquid soap; a soap-dispensing scroll wheel at the top of the device; a plurality of retractable bristles positioned at the bottom of the device; a plurality of scrub ejecting buttons placed at the either side of the device; and a means or provision at the bottom of the device for dispensing the volume of liquid soap.

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201641029245 - PATENT 10



A car safety seat system for an automobile is provided. The car seat safety system includes: a seating module having a back rest and a thigh rest to receive an occupant; and a cover module having a front rest and a thigh-cover. The cover module is mounted on or fastened to or secured with the seating module which has an attached or detachable head rest for the occupant.

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201641030321 - PATENT 11



A case / back cover panel for protecting and charging portable electronic devices is provided. The case / back cover panel includes: a number of photovoltaic cells arranged on an external surface of the case / back cover panel in-built with a first battery; anda first induction coil arranged on the internal surface and connected to the plurality of photovoltaic cells. The first battery on cue by the user charges the second battery through a set of first and second induction coils.

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201641032658 - PATENT 12



A device with a plurality of ports to receive USB devices is provided. The device includes a display for each of the ports to allow the data stored in the respective USB devices. The display is a touch-screen display to allow interaction with the data in terms of browsing and moving/transferring.

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201641033042 - PATENT 13



A control device for managing water flow and consumption is provided. The device include an overhead tank fill control module, a submerged pump module, a ground level pump module, a ground level storage tank fill module, an inlet flow meter module, an outlet flow module and a flow control valve module; wherein the central control device communicates with an overhead tank fill control device through the overhead tank fill control module, with a submerged pump or ground level pump through the submerged pump module or ground level pump module, with a ground level storage tank fill device through the ground level storage tank fill module, with a plurality of inlet flow meters through inlet flow meter module, with a plurality of outlet flow meters through the outlet flow meter module and with flow control valves through the flow control valve module.

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201641035735 - PATENT 14



A device for monitoring a fluid level and refilling status in a reservoir and alerting a user is provided. The device includes: a pressure sensor to compute mechanical force/stress of the fluid remaining in the reservoir and generate an electrical signal, corresponding to the mechanical force/stress signifying a volume of the fluid in the reservoir; an ultrasonic sensor to determine the quantity of fluid available inside the reservoir;a flow meter coupled to the pressure sensor and the ultrasonic sensor to compute an inflow data of the fluid into the reservoir; and; a microcontroller to collect a plurality of data and communicate to the user.

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201641037185 - PATENT 15



A smart hybrid cooking stove and a system to provide hassle-free cooking operations along with a feature for real-time fuel consumption monitoring and management thereof. The system comprises: a hybrid cooking stove; a load sensing platform to hold fuel storage tank; to record and calculate real-time fuel consumption data; and a communication means to transmit such data to the hybrid stove for fuel consumption monitoring and management accordingly.

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201641041003 - PATENT 16



A device for trimming and grooming of nails. The device comprises of a nail grinder and buffer wheel. The device allows nails of all five fingers of a hand, to be trimmed and groomed simultaneously. The device also allows specific buttons for choice of user to choose a specific kind of shape of nail. The device allows the nails of both left and right hand to be groomed specifically of a desired length and shape, by choice of user. The device comprises of motors which work based on preprogrammed electronic circuits, for controlled operation of trimmer and buffer wheels.

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201641041377 - PATENT 17



A device for regulating and controlling power supply to a plurality of electronic devices and electrical appliances is provided. The device includes a microcontroller that regulates power supply to the electronic devices and electrical appliances; a relay that enables communication of microcontroller with a plurality of modules fitted in the device; a display connected with the microcontroller to display battery and time status;a time adjustment button connected with the microcontroller to adjust time of power supply; and a mode selection button connected with the microcontroller.

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201641042313 - PATENT 18



A water heater, having a panel or body, to dispense hot water at a required temperature is provided. The water heater includes a cold water inlet; a display placed in or built-in the panel or body; abox or enclosure, in the panel or body, having a heating coil receiving cold water from the water inlet; a thermostatic mixer in thebox or enclosure having at least two inlets for receiving cold water from the water inlet and for receiving hot water from the heating coil separately; and a plurality of outlets on thebox or enclosuredispensing water as received from the thermostatic mixer that mixes the cold water and the hot water to obtain water at a desired temperature as input by a user through a mobile application.

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201641041443 - PATENT 19



A self-powered communication tower with multiple transmission system. More specifically, the invention provides a communication tower with at least one power generating system comprising of a plurality of solar panels and a plurality of wind turbines; and at least one communication device comprising of at least one radio transmitter, at least one network transmitter and at least one broadcast transmitter without interference problems; and at least one base transceiver station. The invention provides a construction tower, wherein the height of the tower is around 600 mtrs, comprising of at least one inflatable balloon filled with an inert gas which is covered with a plurality of solar panels, and a pillar which is mounted around with a plurality of aerodynamic wind turbines, a plurality of transmission devices, and a base transceiver station at the bottom. The invention provides a communication system which relies on non-fuel renewable energy and is economical, and environmentally safe.

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201641045189 - PATENT 20



A modem device for modulation and demodulation, while connecting to an internet service provider. More particularly, the invention relates to a modem device, which restricts unauthorized users from connecting a specified network. The device is administered by an administrator, wherein, the modem device has a pre-programmed chip, with an embedded system and an in built processor which allows for the registration of the registrar; and wherein the device comprises of a sensor to sense signal from a remote.

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201741004499 - PATENT 21



A portable apparatus for binding disrupted solid surfaces includes upper chamber, lower chamber, binding unit, servomotor, cylindrical unit, power supply, plurality of switches, and motors. The upper chamber stores chemical compound. The lower chamber heats the chemical compound until melting point. The binding unit includes lower and upper jaw. The first switch enables the lower jaw to be inserted into disrupted solid surfaces. The servomotor turns the lower jaw to 90 degree. The first motor enables upper jaw to move up and down. The upper jaw fits with width of disrupted solid surfaces. The third switch activates the second motor so as to an opening unit opens by rotation of disk. The opening unit allows the melted chemical compound to be enter into the cylindrical unit. The power supply powers the plurality of switches. The second motor rotates the cylindrical unit to push the melted chemical compound towards binding unit.

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201741005426 - PATENT 22



A self-heating vessel for instant heating a food or a liquid. The self-heating vessel can be used during when the user is travelling or for the patients admitted at the hospital. The self-heating vessel include a multi-layered structure wherein outer layer is an insulated layer, an inner layer is a conductive layer, and an induction coil is placed in between the outer layer and inner conductive layer; a battery, which powers the induction coil for instant heating; and a switch used to start and shut-off the battery. The self-heating vessel may also include a straw having stirrer, the straw supports the process of smooth drinking, stirring and has spill proof property while travelling. The self-heating vessel may also include foldable lines, which helps in easily folding the self-heating vessel for easily transporting the self-heating vessel.

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201741003249 - PATENT 23



Helmet Wear Notification is a system for assuring whether the rider is wearing a protective helmet. More particularly, the present invention relates to a system wherein the rider confirms wearing helmet as well as reminds the rider to wear the helmet. A system for assuring a bike rider wearing a helmet, said system comprising: an Infrared camera, which detects Live Stream Video or captures image of the rider; a microcontroller for transmitting information from the camera; and a notification module for notifying the rider for wearing the helmet; wherein the Live Stream Video captured by the camera is matched with saved images of helmets in a database, and accordingly transmits information to the microcontroller, which further communicates to the notification module for notifying the rider for helmet.

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201741011886 - PATENT 24



A device of water purification of the stored water. Further, the invention related in particular to a system for water purification, water quality monitoring, and a water quality data communication of stored water comprising: a sump; an overhead tank; an object device; a server; a stored water purification device, wherein the stored water purification device comprises filtration pouches, a space to hold chemical affluent, a microchip, a controller, batteries, and a nozzle; and a water tester device for monitoring the quality of the water. A method of water purification of the stored water using the said system is also disclosed. The stored water purification device can float or be submerged into the water and can also be attach at the sump or at the overhead tank. The water quality data of the stored water is communicating to the user by the said system.

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201741016018 - PATENT 25



A Automatic Portable Cloth Cleansing Appliances relates to a laundry cleaning appliance capable of dispensing laundry detergent onto the clothes and also motorized bristles allows an easy and more effective cleansing. The appliance has a power source, a motor, atleast one gear system attached to a bristle supporting member, which allows the rotations of the bristle supporting member. Bristles are attached to the bristle supporting member. The appliance has a compartment for storing liquid detergent which can be dispensed on cleaning surface such as clothes.

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201741012456 - PATENT 26



The remotely operated wall mounted television fixer including motors for adjusting height and viewing angle of the television in order to avoid neck or eye strain. The wall mounted television fixer comprises a DC motor, lead screw connected with at least one shaft, at least two servo motors, at least one micro controller and at least one receiver. A micro controller activates DC motor for adjusting the height of the wall mounted television fixer in a clockwise direction for upward movement, when it receives the activation signal from TV remote or android phone. In a similar way, micro controller activates DC motor for adjusting the height of the wall mounted television fixer in an anticlockwise direction for downward movement, when it receives signal from TV remote or android phone. Thereafter, micro controller activates two servo motors for adjusting viewing angle of the wall mounted television only when the activation signal is received from remote or android phone via receiver module.

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201741013344 - PATENT 27



This device provides a user-friendly smart color writing tool for writing, drawing or highlighting on an interactive board, wherein the smart color writing tool comprises of an elongated cylindrical housing having an anterior end and a posterior end, a color capturing module, a color processing module, a color transmitting module, and a power module. Further, the smart writing tool enables scanning and detecting colors from the surroundings using the associated color scanner and RGB color sensor, displaying the captured colors on the associated display unit, freezing the colors using the color freezing unit, and storing the colors in the memory storing units (ROM and RAM).The smart writing tool enables change of color by a simple rotating motion of the associated rotating unit. The smart writing tool is further provided with a detachable nib with at least six different nibs for writing or drawing in varying thickness.

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201741016846 - PATENT 28



A portable compact heating article for a food or a liquid. The portable heating article for heating a food or a liquid comprising: a platform for placing a container; an induction coil place underneath of said platform; a rechargeable battery to energize said induction coil; a switch to start or shut-off said rechargeable battery; a plurality of ports for charging said rechargeable battery; a temperature adjusting buttons; a digital display to indicate a temperature; and a solar panel for charging said rechargeable battery. The portable heating article is very compact design and suitable for the smaller container. The portable heating article’s platform diameter is less than 75 mm.

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201741024458 - PATENT 29



A navigation and information assistive spectacle for a user comprising: a detection apparatus configured to receive information about an environment surrounding said user; wherein said detection apparatus is placed on the bridge solder of said assistive spectacle and is of infrared imager or thermal imager type; a battery having a ON/OFF switch on to a first temple of said assistive spectacle; an electronic processor coupled on to a second temple of said assistive spectacle; wherein said electronic processor is configured to access information from cloud server and communicate wirelessly with an ear phone mike; and a button is placed on to a second temple of said assistive spectacle. A method for navigation and information to the user by using the navigation and information assistive spectacle is also disclosed. The information assistive spectacles will also provide the detail information related to the structures or currencies to the user via Bluetooth ear as well.

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201741029455 - PATENT 30



This is relates to a head gear which is capable of controlling temperature of the inner surface touching the head of wearer, thereby controlling infections related to skin and hairs. In another aspect of the invention, the head gear is foldable thereby making it easier to carry along. The head gear comprises a system for spraying of mist through its inner layer, thereby improving hair growth. The spraying mist is controlled by a sensor which detects the temperature of the inner surface of the head gear thereby sending information to a controller for initiating the s[raying mechanism. The head gear comprises folding sections, thereby reducing the volume by upto 50 %. This makes the head gear being more easy to carry by the wearer.

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201741028098 - PATENT 31



A collapsible electronic storage housing for two wheelers for saving space on the two wheelers. The collapsible electronic storage housing 100 for two wheeler comprising: a front side 101; wherein said front side comprises a plurality of permanent magnets 109; a back side 102; wherein said back side comprises a plurality of electromagnets 107 and a processor 103; and a three-way switch for either locking-in compression, expanding, or locking-in expansion stage to said collapsible electronic storage housing by said processor 103. The collapsible electronic storage housing 100 further comprises a handle 106, springs 104, and hinges 108. The springs 104 and hinges 108 are connected between the front side 101 and the back side 102 of the collapsible electronic storage housing 100.

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201741035618 - PATENT 32



A washing machine that comprises a housing that houses a primary drum and a secondary drum. A water storage tank is in fluid communication with the secondary drum and the primary drum for allowing quick filling of water in the secondary drum and the primary drum. A motor is coupled with the primary drum to provide a rotary drive to the primary drum. At least one turbine blade is coupled to the primary drum and disposed proximal operative bottom end of the primary drum, wherein the turbine blades are configured to facilitate rapid entry of water within the primary drum for washing the clothes. A dryer is configured to supply hot air to the primary drum for facilitating drying of clothes in the primary drum.

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201741036984 - PATENT 33



A smart compact structural instrument use for measuring, drawing and displaying the dimension of line, angle, circle and triangle. A smart compact structural instrument for drawing line, angle, circle and triangle, comprise of the ruler, circular protector and a compass in which circular protector is connected at the one end of ruler in the other end the handle and the switch is connected. Plurality of capacitance sensor is connected to the ruler and the circular protector. The main unit which is comprises of a controller, a calculator, a battery, a capacitance sensor, a display, numeric keypad and a sketch holder. To draw/measure line, angle, circle and triangle the main part with the sketch holder moves along the ruler, from the center point to the end of the ruler. The plurality capacitance sensors present in the circular protector and in the ruler sense the dragging and the drawing of the shape of line, angle, circle and triangle and send to the sensor present in the main unit. The main unit receives the data and shows the dimension in the display. The user can enter dimension of shape before drawing the shape and can calculate the appropriate dimension of the shape using the calculator available in the main unit of the smart compact structural instrument.

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201741042490 - PATENT 34



The present invention relates to a method for transportation management performing synchronous communication between passenger and owner by way of exchanging real time data through the communication devices connected to a vehicle. The transportation management system 100 on a vehicle comprises of a data processing unit 102, a communication unit 104 and a notification unit 106 operating over a wireless internet network and having several transmission channels, which are recording and transmitting real time data related to bus current location, seat availability and total number of passengers travelling at a given time; wherein said vehicle includes a bus, a multi-utility vehicle, mini-vans, mini-buses, public transport vehicles like electric train, metro-rail and alike.

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201841002061 - PATENT 35



A multi-functional laptop computer 10 comprising of a base 12 securing central processing unit comprising a motherboard, a processor, a hard drive, random access memory (RAM), a disk drive (e.g., a floppy drive, a CD-ROM drive, a DVD-ROM drive, a tape drive, etc.), communication ports, a cooling system (e.g., a fan), a power supply, a modem, a network device, an audio assembly (e.g., a sound card, a speaker, etc.); other devices such as keyboard 14, camera 18, touch pad, speakers etc.; a monitor 16 with LED and/or LCD display; a smart printer 20 with multiple ink storage 24 enabling whole system to be used as an integrated device and/or as a stand-alone device; and smart projector 24 enabling whole system to be used as an integrated device and/or as a stand-alone device.

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201841003323 - PATENT 36



A system and method for double yarn picks insertion in plain weave loom in order to increase the production capacity of loom is described. More particularly, this invention relates to a warp and weft type weaving machine for woven textile fabric having multiple-inserted filling yarn picks as well as and an apparatus for said weaving textile fabric. The double yarn picks insertion loom comprises an opening structure, weft insertion mechanisms, warp insertion mechanism, shedding mechanisms, picking mechanism and a beat-up mechanism, wherein the opening housing comprises two of frames for weft and warp. Further, the double yarn picks insertion loom produces a plain weaving structure with high production efficiency, the design of the mechanisms is compact, the space utilization rate is high, occupied space of identical cloth production volumes is small.

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201841003971 - PATENT 37



A wearable device for curing eye problems which includes removable units, and frame unit. The removable unit includes a memory unit, controller unit, sensing unit, microheater unit, freezing unit, reservoir unit, and a communication unit. The memory unit stores instruction pertaining to a temperature of the eyes. The controller unit processes the instruction on receiving commands from computing unit. The sensing unit senses the temperature of the eyes and transmits it to the controller unit. The micro-heater unit performs warming operation and the freezing unit performs a cooling operation over the eyes of the user. The warming operation and the cooling operation is initiated by the user based on his requirement through the computing unit. The reservoir unit stores water, and cloth to contact the eyes when at least one of the warming operation and/or the cooling operation performs. The communication unit establishes a wireless communication between the controller unit and the computing unit. The frame unit holds the removable unit and includes a first and second temple which contain earphones to receive audio signals from the computing unit.

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201841019563 - PATENT 38



The technique relates to a system, more particularly to customer interactive nail polish color selection systems, and still more particularly to color selection systems having an actual nail polish color selection system including nail shaper, nail smoother and a polish dispenser. The subject of this invention is single device that can be an intelligent mentor to the finger nails all of a whole reducing a huge amount of time spent in it. Using this device, the finger nails shall all be shaped, polished and art at once in single time enabling the smoothness as well as perfection in art, polish and shape. Further, this device can communicate with smart phone to show the preview of nail shape/polish/art in various shape and in various color, which the customer can finalize that is more suitable for their hand. This device works with a personalized mechanism with attention to each and every wish of a nail dresser. Each finger shall have different types of shapes and different sizes as required by the user. It also has an inbuilt buff that smoothens the ground edges of the nails enabling a best touch with the tip of the nails.

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201841028853 - PATENT 39



Intelligence Smart Interactive fan In our days ceiling fans are looked at as a necessary product in home interiors. The reason for this is most likely geographical placement. Where ceiling fans are a much more important and natural part of the home interiors. It could also be a consequence of tradition, many people aren’t used to the product and do not see an obvious need for one. Another possibility could be that there actually aren’t any ceiling fans on the market that satisfies middle class people’s desires, needs and demands for their environments and homes. Current ceiling fans are working as semi-automatic without user friendly nature. So here is our intention to solve many problems which we are facing in our daily in very economical process. This invention plays very smarter and compact, which this optimized fan will expand when we required, this will be in collapsible condition when it is not in working and also it will give air at required place where we settled anywhere in Room/Hall with principle of aerodynamics. This fan can control such as ON/OFF, direction changing and expandable/collapsible with help of micro controller and sensor by the coding communication. In this modern technological world all humans were depended on electronic devices and equipments to perform some task. In mean while without human effort artificial intelligence playing major role in all human life. From educated man to common man everyone depends on electronics devices such as TV, Mobile, etc…now technology reaches us in fingertip. But even though we are in improvement of engineering and technology still we are facing some technical issues in some existing devices already in market. So here we are to overcome that issue to provide the unique solution for that problem. Already we having ceiling fan that generates air throughout the hall or room where it is fixing in top and stable even if the human is not available it keeps running and wasting the power and cost. In order to reduce this we create a unique concept of optimized Automatic fan. In this it operates automatically through sensors based on ceiling by detecting human. We have a remote to open a fan from closed ceiling after it opens and fan expand down towards the floor. And using remote we can operate the fan functions as ON/OFF , changing direction of air flow and changing the angle of air flow towards human were they seating. And also we in built the hydraulic pipes from both side of ceiling fan in order to expand air all over the hall by placing the additional of two drown wings on each side it operates only on sensors based and when there is human moment or human resting below that fan it automatically turns on and produce the air towards the men, when human is absence from that place automatically stops works and it mainly working on human sensors. So, In this way we can achieve to reduce the unwanted power cost and save the money. And even normal man can operate this device by simple way of understasnding.

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201841031865 - PATENT 40



Smart Self power generating moving dustbin discloses a device which separates the degradable and non degradable matter and converts a bio gas of the degradable matter into electricity: said device comprising a device cap, a collection unit, a degradable waste storage chamber, a non degradable waste storage chamber, a power generation unit, a plurality of wheels, a plurality of sensors, a micro controller and processor, a display, a GPRS IOT, a motor driver and a pick and place assembly. The device separates the degradable and non degradable wastes and converts the bio gas of the degradable waste into electricity and sends message through GSM module to the trash management when the Trash Collector is filled completely as sensed by the IR sensor. The pick and place assembly is based on image processing of dust by surveillance and it moves to a corresponding place to collect the dust using the motor driver and the four wheels and can be called a user using WiFi or other wireless communication.

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201841036063 - PATENT 41



FAKE RICE AND EGG FINDER WITH SMART COOKING Introduction. These days people are talking about artificial rice made of plastic. Atrificial eggs, and also artificial cabbage. These are made in labs and being circulated in the market. There are reports that these things are being imported from China. With “artificial” Chinese eggs reportedly making their way into certain parts of Kerala, state Health Minister KK Shylaja said a probe would be launched to find out the truth. Ms Shylaja said that she has not received any complaints on “artificial” Chinese eggs, but she will examine the media reports and find out whether such a product has made its way into the state. “I will now ask the Food Safety Commissioner to seriously look into these media reports that such a product is available. It would be nice if someone comes up and provides a sample of it so the tests can be conducted quickly,” said Shylaja. Reports have recently surfaced that these “artificial” eggs were coming into the state from Tamil Nadu.According to reports, Idukki district of Kerala bordering Tamil Nadu is where this product is available. Idukki district Medical Officer Rekha also assured a probe into the matter. Unlike normal eggs “artificial eggs” are brown in colour and do not attract flies and do not spoil or rot even after cooking or leaving them out in the open. Fake plastic rice was found in China. It is made from potatoes and plastics. Medical experts have warned customers that the artificial rice is dangerous to health and its use may even lead to death. The Ministry of Agriculture of Malaysia noted that he did not receive any complaints about the fake rice.Although the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic As the Malaysian edition of The Straits Times writes, fake rice can enter the country illegally from China. But even if it is sold in Malaysia, then mostly you can find it in small stores, rather than in large supermarket chains. According to Shanghaiist paper, the plastic rice looks rather similar to the natural, but even after the heat treatment, he remains firm, so it is still possible to distinguish a fake. Problem solved Brief Description: Here is our invention to solve the problem of fake rice and egg. Fake rice will clear as per the process of moisture from water and Egg will be clear by the image processing process. Here is the extra smart option which can cook rice and egg as per our convenient. Which we can give communication from the dash board which is placed in our apparatus itself and also we can give communication from smart phone by using an application. From Dash board or from mobile we can set a type of rice and egg, moisture content of rice and egg, quantity of rice and egg. By using our invention automatically it will clean rice and egg. Different types of process is undertake by this device for cooking, cleaning and separating. Here is the final attachment which the message shows how much quantity got output perfectly, how much got wastage and with how much temperature.

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201841038947 - PATENT 42



Generally riding in hill station is so dangerous thing which cannot control at some point of time. Here are the same criteria for braking loss The snubbing pulsing strategy provides a higher cooling rate than that provided by the dragging strategy. However, the difference is not large. The dragging strategy is more conducive to the formation of hot spots than the snubbing strategy when new linings are installed The use of a snubbing strategy for mountain descents will not cause a common type of automatic slack adjuster to perform improperly. These findings all support the use of the snubbing strategy. The findings from the mountain descent testing , describe, indicate the following The overall level of brake temperature per pound of brake drum will be nearly the same regardless of whether a constant dragging or a snubbing pulsing strategy is used. The test data did not indicate that one strategy provided significantly better cooling than the other. The snubbing strategy involves higher pressures than the dragging strategy and thereby tends to provide a more uniform temperature distribution from brake to brake and from axle to axle. Through this mechanism, the snubbing strategy aids in making each brake do its fair share of the work even if there is a gross pneumatic imbalance. Very high brake temperatures result if some brakes are not doing much work. Tractors and trailers need to be matched through pressure and temperature balances if high temperatures are to be avoided in mountain descents. The grade severity rating system is not conservative in this respect since it lumps all of the brakes together as if each brake were doing approximately a fair share of the work. Significant losses in stopping capability can be attributed to misadjustment combined with pneumatic imbalance. Particularly poor stopping performance will occur after mountain descents when the tractors brakes are misadjusted and the trailers brakes are very hot due to pneumatic imbalance, or vice versa with hot tractor brakes due to pneumatic imbalance and the trailers brakes misadjusted. In some circumstances, with combined misadjustment and imbalance, the snubbing strategy has been found to lead to hotter brakes for the misadjusted brakes, which in turn leads to an additional increment in stopping distance after a mountain descent. The findings from the mountain descent tests favor the snubbing strategy in that the hottest brake will be cooler if snubbing is used rather than dragging. However, the differences in average brake temperature are not large enough or consistent enough to favor either strategy. The snubbing strategy appears to have an advantage over the dragging strategy because the snubbing strategy causes each brake to come closer to doing its fair share of the work, particularly if there is a pressure imbalance at low brake pressure. It is interesting to observe that a pressure imbalance can result in a situation that warns the driver that the brakes are overheating. If the brakes are imbalanced and the driver is proceeding at too high of a speed, the brakes doing more than their fair share of the work will heat up first. If the driver sees smoke or smells these hot brakes, the driver can use the other brakes the ones that have not overheated to stop the vehicle safely. This situation was observed in practice many times on the mountain on 1 to 64, the highway has broad shoulders. On many runs down the mountain with the test vehicle, other heavy trucks with one set of smoking brakes were seen stopped on the shoulder. The drivers had apparently learned that they did not need to pull into the runoff ramps and get stuck. The mountain has two runoff ramps, one at the middle and one at the bottom. The one in the middle has been used about once a week since it was built. The drivers chose to pull over, stop, and wait on the shoulder for about 40min for their brakes to cool. There is a danger that a tire might explode at the bead due to the nature of the heat flow while the vehicle is stopped. This is a particularly dangerous situation in that it may take about 10 min for the wheel to explode after the vehicle has stopped. The driver should stay clear of the wheels with hot brakes. The point to be made is that there may be circumstances in which some brakes overheat and the other brakes can easily stop the vehicle. This situation can be used as a safety warning if the road has plenty of shoulder room to stop in. However, there is a significant loss of time while waiting for the brakes to cool. Nevertheless, drivers of vehicles with some brakes overheated should stop to let the brakes cool before proceeding. With regard to instructions in the Commercial Drivers License Manual, the results of this study do not show that dragging is superior to pulsing. With respect to the overall average temperature, the results indicate that either strategy is as good as the other. For a given vehicle on a particular mountain, the total heat retained by the brakes after descending the mountain will be nearly the same regardless of whether a pulsing or dragging strategy is used. The important issue is to use a control speed that is appropriate for the slope of the downgrade, the length of the downgrade, the weight of the vehicle, and the balance of the braking system. A snubbing strategy that allows for approximately some mph speed variation about the control speed has been found to be reasonable and practical. The owners and operators of commercial vehicles should be made aware that the snubbing strategy will produce more uniform temperatures throughout the vehicle, thereby leading to less brake wear overall and less frequent need for readjustment and relining. They should also be made aware that after mountain descents misadjustment on one set of brakes can lead to long stopping distances, particularly if the brake system has a large pressure imbalance tending to reduce the work done by the misadjusted brakes. Although the snubbing strategy has been found to have advantages over the dragging strategy, the main conclusion from this investigation of downhill braking is that heavy trucks should proceed down the mountain at a speed that will be low enough to prevent the brakes from overheating regardless of the braking strategy employed. Given that a prudent control speed is used by the driver, the benefits of a snubbing strategy can be safely attained. These conclusions support the recommended wording of advice for commercial vehicle drivers as presented in of this report. Specifically, that advice is to go slowly in the proper gear and remember that a snubbing strategy can aid in a. making each brake do its fair share of the work and b. reducing the tendency for hotspotting of brake drums. Our Invention Provides a system to stop a vehicle without making any accident at any point of time with the manual effort by installed of some mechanisms.

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201841042709 - PATENT 43



By the report of indian flood as many as 12 deaths were reported in drownings, landslides and electrocutions in the first wave of floods in Assam since last Wednesday, state disaster management official Suman Ahmed said. Five of these deaths were reported. An estimated 448,495 people were affected in Assam, including being displaced, stranded in their homes or suffering damage to their crops, land or livelihood. Disaster management authorities were rescuing villagers from low-lying and inundated areas. Eight flood-related deaths have been confirmed since mid-June from the neighboring state of Manipur where over 200,000 people were affected, officials said. Other states in the region were also hit by floods including Tripura, where three deaths were reported in the monsoon season, according to local media reports. The situation was improving in Manipur and Tripura as rains eased, but thousands of homeless were still in state-run relief camps. Several areas remained cut-off due to landslides that had damaged roads. Commonly dangers accidents are happening during flood times, because the highways or main roads are acting as reservoir. So our invention implemented the smart drainage to avoid those problems. Our objective is to implement the setup in a flood prone area. This means that maintenance work is arranged in response to enquiries and reports of flooding. Our invention driven Automated System will be installed in the low laying areas where the water gets clogged. The Sensor will detect the depth of the water. If the water exceeds the Safe height, the system will trigger the pump connected to it and drive the water to another way which is connected with all drainage exit. The depth of water will be constantly displayed on the LCD so that it is kept under constant vigilance by the supervisors. Also the alarm would be indicated by a siren and the flickering LED light. Our system and its sub parts are programmed. The various libraries required for the system functioning is called to the program and the methods are implemented as per the requirements. The automated system can be fixed anywhere, where the flood and drainage monitoring is required, irrespective of the kind of fluid involved. The program once fed in the system makes it run without software support which makes it very comfortable. The objective of the system is to avoid water overflow in order to prevent the appliances from getting effected. Flood water and waste water storing is one of the most common and things that happens post heavy down power. This causes flooding and other water borne diseases. Clogging of water is caused due to improper drainage of the access water. Hence with this system we aim at solving the problem by diverting the access water to drains once the rain water has reached above a certain mark. We will be using smart systems to work with this system. This Systems consists of a Micro processor or a micro controller, a sensor and an actuator.

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201841036882 - PATENT 44



According to present invention, there is provided a device for detection of wheezing in a patient, wherein said device comprises of a display unit for indicating parameters of wheezing; a power source; a breathing sound detection unit configured to detect a breathing sound of a measurement subject and acquire a breathing sound signal in a time series expressing the breathing sound; tubes and wires for sending signals from sensing section to a processing chamber; wherein said processing chamber can process and detect the parameters of wheezing to be displayed on the display unit.

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201841043110 - PATENT 45



Abstract Nowadays the speechless and paralyzed people cannot fulfill their needs and requirements. Due to development of this system is at first to speak for the speechless and paralyzed people in order to fulfill their basic needs thereby to make them independent self-reliable.. The aims and objectives of this invention: 1) Basic object of this invention is to design a portable embedded system. 2) To develop an economical and simple solution for the detection of finger gestures. 3) Cost effective, reliable data acquiring method and signal conditioning. In recent years, for human computer interactions hand gesture recognition is used mostly. They play an important role in gaming and control application i.e. 3-D mouse, Tele-robotics & virtual reality controlling. Rather than this, it is also used in those applications which aid the physically challenged community as dumb and paralyzed people. So, primary requirement for conversion of sign people to speech is Hand/Nail gesture recognition. Hand/Nail gesture recognition invention is very useful for dumb and paralyzed people, it can also be used by the patients with of paralyzed as they couldn’t speak. Currently the existing speaking system for dumb and paralyzed person uses, separate sensors used for monitoring for each and every system. In one system, the messages are transferred by wireless and in another system, the messages are transferred by Bluetooth/WI-FI/IOT/etc module. These systems are used by short distance communication and in case data’s are got loss in the wireless transmission lines. In existing all systems they are used only FLEX SENSOR. By this flex sensor the restricted movements of paralyzed (stroke) patients cannot flex their hand or finger. In this project we propose to develop a simple communication system for the benefit of dumb and paralyzed persons. When a person needs some help/support, he or she shakes (makes movement) their fingers, and the speed is measured by the accelerometer. The output is predefined by voice driver circuit. For each and every finger movement we can define a different function. The heartbeat sensor and temperature sensor is used to sense the patients for 24/7.If any changes occurs, it will intimate to the attender by using the some communication through corresponding mobile phone number. This can help to understand the need of such dumb and paralyzed people.

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201841046519 - PATENT 46



Generally we use mobile case to protect mobile phones from damage. At present we have different variety of mobile cases, like stiff one, soft one made up of silicon etc.,. But the smart mobile case is coming up with a system to store the data and also with a camera. In every phone, storage system plays a vital role to store an important data of a user, this storage system can be used when the mobile internal storage is running low. Coming to camera it is a basic need of a user in day-to-day life, with this Smart case user is getting add on advantage to increase their picture performance.

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201941002364 - PATENT 47



Nowadays In a movie theater, the reason why you wear 3-D glasses is to feed different images into your eyes just like a View-Master does. The screen actually displays two images, and the glasses cause one of the images to enter one eye and the other to enter the other eye. Here this 3-D glass gives a realistic visualize for our entertainment, and it changes our world into that certain movie based theme. But few things are missing such as movements in our seats and audio quality. Here we made an invention based on which can make our complete entertainment world into realistic, with the help of some engineering technics which is by following, The perception of spatial sound in the real world is a complex phenomenon. It combines the interactions between the acoustic sound waves and the room or space, the interaction with our head and ears, the reaction of our middle and inner ear and the audio nerve, and finally our brain’s cognition and interpretation of the acoustic scene

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201941005202 - PATENT 48



Major causes of death in road accidents are carelessness in safety while driving. Hence wearing seat belts might have reduced serious crash related injuries and saved life. Despite of laws on the use of seat belts, a lot of people don’t like wearing them due to various reasons. Drivers and passengers think that wearing a seat belt is not that important, especially when driving in short distances or when the traffic is visibly light. Tends to forget to wear them, especially when they are on the rush. People don’t make it a habit to wear seat belts. Here is our invention of techniques which inculcate the mandatory safety precautions by alarm, visual indicator, ignition and speed control. This invention is for safety system which ensures that the driver and co-passenger wear safety seat belt while driving a car. The driver assistive safety system works on ‘ignition locking” and “speed control” concept. This invention can be installed in any existing car without making major changes. This Invention consists of two modes which give flexibility to the driver and also overcomes few reasons of not wearing seat belt. This Invention has warning system which alerts driver and give 60 seconds before taking any action. Hence it gives time to driver to take decision and doesn’t abruptly takeover the control. While decelerating it switches on parking lights which indicate that car will be slowing down, hence would alert surrounding vehicles. It has continuously monitoring system that monitors the conditions of seat belt, even during drive. It has the ability to shift between two modes. Apart from visual display, it also interacts through voice messages. System consists of troubleshooting, which displays the instructions and have backup for any failure. System is very simple and economical. It can be incorporated in any car. A Seat belt or a Safety belt is an automobile safety device used to protect occupants against harmful movements later which may results in collisions or sudden stop or roll over. Basically, a seat belt can reduce a serious injury or death of the occupants during traffic collision. In early 90’s two point seat belts where used, this belt is used to cover only waist of the occupants. It was not that affective for the high speed automobiles. To overcome from this people have come up with three point seat belt which is also referred as Y-shaped seat belt. This seat belt covers waist as well as chest and provides good stability to the occupants and hence used in every automobile now-a-days. Many occupants wear seat belt for their own safety and some avoid wearing it. Wearing a seat belt prevents passenger ejection during a severe accident and the chances of surviving in this type of accident increases 45%. This stat shows us the importance of wearing seat belt while driving. Smart seat belt is coming with an innovation which locks the gear system and also with an alarm. These two systems get activated when occupants haven’t worn a seat belt. This complete system works with the help of a processing unit.

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201941006917 - PATENT 49



Environment pollution is a wide-reaching problem and it is increased by human populations is great. An earth can recycle all the things in environment by its own. But all these actions are takes some time. Nowadays humans doesn’t give chance to environment for recycling. Peoples pollute these environment several times more than its recycle time. Most of human actions are destroying and polluting the various aspects of environments like air, soil, and water environments. Some pollutions are giving directly higher level impact on peoples. Example smog effects, drainage water floods, etc. Foods and vegetable’s wastes are giving higher impacts during its decomposing stages. These king of materials when decomposing stages they are releasing methane and some other gases with Unbearable smells. Also a lot of insect species are using that decomposing materials to promote their offspring. Where the problem is, there most of species are mosquitoes and flies, these are the causes of most diseases like malaria, dengue fevers and swine flu etc. mostly city markets are facing this problems. Most of peoples are not like to go for market because of these bad smells and inflectional threats like malaria and dengue. So, there is need to clean that environment and safe and disposal solution. This invention giving solution to that decomposing process. The concept of these project is reducing the environment pollutions for minimizing health infections by avoiding direct dumping of food wastages and fruits & vegetable wastages at outsides. This invention is a decomposing system which is having ability decompose the materials by more than 100 times faster, so, there is no chance to pollution or disease infections. The foods and vegetables wastes are mostly discharging from hotels & market places. So, this project highly recommended to these kind of places. This invention looks like container or Trash cart and it is a decomposing system which is decompose the organic and inorganic materials by using chemical reaction with heat and high pressure for safe & faster decomposing process. the decomposing process will processing organic/inorganic wastes into powdered soil which contains more nitrogen and carbons so, it can be used as fertilizers. This device can be used for decompose the materials like organic/inorganic wastes from city markets and where the materials want to quickly dispose the materials.

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201941013595 - PATENT 50



A smart food storage system and method for tracking states of stored food is disclosed. The disclosed system and method are based on a container to store one or more food items; one or more sensors configured with the container to detect or scan the stored food items to extract one or more attributes data associated with food information of the food items; processors coupled with a memory, the memory comprising a set of instructions embodied in the memory that is executable by the processors to compare the extracted one or more attributes data with a predefined stored data in a database to determine sates comprising any or a combination of fresh, semispoiled, spoiled, and expired status of the food items; and a display unit operatively coupled with the processors to display the determined states of the stored food items.

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201941014366 - PATENT 51



A portable beverage preparation apparatus is disclosed. The disclosed apparatus comprises a beverage container having a base and a cylindrical side wall extending from the base defining a reservoir with open upper end to accommodate liquid, the beverage container having a heating element configured within the base of the beverage container; a holder having at least one cup-like prion to receive the beverage container; and one or more recipes capsules to dispose within reservoir of the beverage container, wherein a power source is configured with least one cup-like prion of the holder to power the heating element of the beverage container for heating the liquid within the beverage container. A cover such as a spill proof cap is adapted for covering the beverage container from the upper end. The recipes capsules included any or a combination of a sugar, coffee power, milk power, tea powder, and the like.

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201941019210 - PATENT 52



A system and method for controlling turn-signal indicators of a vehicle are disclosed. The system includes a navigation unit to determine location of the vehicle in real-time; and one or more processors coupled with a memory, the memory storing instructions executable by the one or more processors to receive the determined location of vehicle from the navigation unit. The one or more processors receive predefined data stored in a database coupled to the one or more processors, and the predefined data is corresponding to a destination of the vehicle; and the one or more processors determine a route for the vehicle based on the received location of the vehicle and the predefined data. The one or more processors control (i.e. activate and/or deactivate) any of the plurality of turn-signal indicators based on the determined route in real-time.

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201941020280 - PATENT 53



A system and method for controlling for controlling operation of driving components of a vehicle are disclosed. The system includes sensors operatively coupled to the driving components to sense operation of the corresponding driving components in a driving condition of the vehicle and to generate first signals based on the sensed operation of the corresponding driving components; a controller comprising processors to receive the generated first signals from the plurality of sensors; compare the received first signals with a predetermined data stored in a database; and determine whether operations of any or a combination of the plurality of components are appropriate or inappropriate for the drive condition of the vehicle based on the comparison. The control unit can control operation of the driving components when operations of any or a combination of the driving components is inappropriate.

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201941030758 - PATENT 54



A system and method for cooking food items is disclosed. The system includes a robotic arm assembly having at least one robotic end effect or having access to compartments, wherein any of the compartments stored with culinary elements required for preparation of dish selected from set of dishes; and control unit operatively coupled to the robotic arm assembly, and configured to: receive, from database, upon selection of the dish, a first set of data packets; and control, based on processing of the received first set of data packets, the robotic arm assembly, wherein the robotic arm assembly configured to identify the compartment associated with the selected dish, and collect, using the at least one robotic end effect or, the culinary elements in a suitable amount for cooking, using smart cooking appliances, food items corresponding to the dish.

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201941035581 - PATENT 55



The present disclosure provides a portable air conditioner for vehicle. the disclosed conditioner comprises a housing fitted inside a passage compartment of the vehicle; a plurality of air inlet vents are provided on the housing to receive air into the housing, and a plurality of air outlet vents are provided on the housing to outflow air into the passenger compartment. A conditioning assembly is configured inside the housing, the conditioning assembly comprises an evaporator unit, a compressor unit, condenser unit, an expansion valve, and a refrigerant hose connecting the evaporator unit, compressor unit, condenser unit, and the expansion valve, the refrigerant hose configured to allow flow of a refrigerant fluid. The evaporator unit is configured to cool the received hot air in the housing to allow flow of cooled air through the plurality of air outlet vents into the passage compartment of the vehicle.

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202041006805 - PATENT 56



An artificially intelligent coconut reaping machine that serves the purpose without any human interference.

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