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Internship Cum Project Training:

Allinnov offers nowhere available internship programs for students of engineering and science institutions who can take up their internship coupled with final year projects. Internships are a mandatory factor for students to fetch jobs in industries. Industries always like to hire skilled and trained manpower instead of a fresher with no skill and no training. While just an internship has that value in your career, how about an R&D certified real-time research entity’s internship to work along with the entity learn tons of real-time innovation practices and methodologies in inventing our real-time products and also participating as an inventor in one of our product inventions and raising up to the prestigious level.

Internship Cum Project Training

Some of the key elements of learning the internship and training will be,

  • Intellectual Property and its Usage in the modern engineering world.
  • Various Applications of Intellectual Property.
  • Design and Analysis of Real-Time products.
  • Various stages of Industrial Product / Technology Deliveries.
  • Development of Real-Time inventions into Product (Collaborative Learning of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and IT Domains).
  • Present and Future Industrial Practices and KT.
  • Basics of Patent Drafting and Landscaping.
  • Patenting and Stages in Detail.
The complete internship cum project training duration is 60 hours accomplished in 15 working days; each student shall be awarded with a certificate of internship upon successful completion of their training.

Internship Program Categories:

Type - 1 : Design, Structural with Mechanical Analysis of Products

  • The D&A program emphasizes on the re-engineering, Design and Analysis of a product that has already been patented by our entity by virtue optimize the best design in terms of structure and technology bringing out a new dimension to the overall product design. This program does not provide the students of the batch any opportunity to participate in on-going research/patent of any of our products and shall be awarded with the certificate of internship alone.

Type - 2 : Design & Analysis with Product Proto-Development.

  • The Design and Analysis coupled with the working prototype development program offers the members of the batch an exposure to the re-engineering D&A and the development of a real-time working prototype with hands-on experience. This program does not provide the students of the batch any opportunity to participate in on-going research/patent of any of our products and the developed product's working video shall be available with each student of the batch after successfully completing their program. Each student of each batch will be awarded the certificate of the internship.

Type - 3 : Design & Analysis with Hands-On Innovation Training.

  • Through this program the batch shall participate in a real-time on-going research project of our entity, get trained on various aspects of the research being carried out with hands-on training on patenting the same while the students of the batch shall be one among the inventors of the product in the Patent Filed by the Company. At the end of their training program, each batch shall have completed a real-time design and analysis project of the Company's product and earn our prestigious certificate of research and inventorship along with the internship certification.


Internship Cum Project Training

The Company shall offer assistance in developing the overall report of the project for each batch as per their project taken up during the internship and the students shall have strict attendance maintained during the program. The venue for internship shall be our Corporate Office at Krishnagiri. Food and Accommodation shall be at the will of the students and will not be provided by the Company.

Registration open for branches Circuit Branches, Mechanical and Allied Branches only. The corresponding fee will be applicable for each category.