IP Based Institutional Entrepreneurship Development Program

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IP Based Institutional Entrepreneurship Development Program

The IP based institutional entrepreneur creation program is an exclusive systematic business model and service from Allinnov for educational institutions across the country who aspire in creating patents and successful entrepreneurs from their institutions. Allinnov aims at developing an environment in aspiring educational institutions through our professional patenting and business training methodology.

As the pace of growth in technology and science is faster and faster, it is hard for student population as well as the institutions to cope to the pace owing to the hindrances of the regular syllabus and curriculum loads. Being an engineering graduate and being an engineer means a lot of difference in today’s world, while the scope for innovative creativity in the student population is high the hindrances are way too high in comparison. Having conducted 50+ workshops and 100+ seminars in various institutions around the Country, Allinnov works on and emphasizes in creating a patent as commercial assets to the students as well as the institutions while kindling the innovative and creative minds of students. We aim at creating real and good engineers rather being engineer graduates and good businessmen/business community rather being entrepreneur dreamers.

The target though is a critical nation-building process, Allinnov's framework of achieving the same is through our systematic and strategic implementation of our techniques with the view of ideating and entrepreneuring in different perspectives. The overall process cycle shall accomplish with a duration of three years for each batch where the selection of students for the overall program will be based on the Company's integral and indigenous process of training and workshops. The workshops would concentrate to the creation of inventors, innovative products, prototyping, IPR, Patenting and IP commercialization in the technical foreground and also on entrepreneurship and business management while they attain hands-on training in creating and running the business based on the innovations developed. Allinnov shall assist the complete building up as well as promotion and framing the business strategies until the business earns a revenue on profit.

Innovations kept idle for oneself is of no use unless commercialized to the market through business professions. The extent to which innovation is most needed is the extent to which entrepreneurs are also needed. Our workshops inculcate the skill-set to the students on the ways and methodologies a product can be sold or a service can be sold along with compliance to the regulative practices while they protect their ideas with patents. Allinnov shall offer the license for the exclusive right of commercialization of its products to the team that qualifies the training program and the product development shall be carried out in collaboration with the incubation centre.

"The thought and efforts laid in transforming inventors into entrepreneurs and the vice versa will end up a mess. Both are unique thought processes and games to be played; leave the worry to us, we will create the success."