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Hands on Innovation Program

Hands-On Innovation is an exclusive, only from Allinnov Program specially premium crafted for the innovation thirst population of India. No such program is available from any research entity in the world and Allinnov is the first of its kind to have created a new methodology in innovation skill development platform.

  • Worried and confused about what to invent and how to invent?
  • No scope for participation in research along with an Industry?
  • Wanna learn more about product innovations and Patents?
  • Wanna learn the right way of creating an innovation?
  • Wanna become an R&D certified Researcher and Inventor?
  • Wanna hold the credit of being an inventor of an R&D entity?


It was / is / will be only an unimaginable dream to many individuals to take participation, learn, research together and understand the real-time happenings of a research industry while knowing the processes they follow from the creation of a product/technology idea to the complete development of the product/technology and invent it until patenting the complete knowhow. With Allinnov it is no more a dream to anyone. Do not keep searching everywhere and let yourself troubled to waste your precious time and energy. Join us, participate in our R&D research, invent along with us and be an inventor of the innovation of our entity. Our certificate of research and inventorship will create a huge impact on the growth of your career since the number of inventors in this entire world has a very limited number and being certified by an R&D entity will be a prestigious value for your resume and career. When others still crawl with no purpose and unworthy journals in the vision of a good career it is time for you to shift to the IPR domain.

Register now with our Hands-On Innovation Program, get trained and certified, become an inventor, earn a patent and join as a premium member into the most limited and prestigious group of our certified inventors of the World.
For more information; write to us to info@allinnov.org